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-======Agnes - The Child======+======Agnes - The Adventurer======
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 The world is mine to discover.\\ The world is mine to discover.\\
 Won't you join me?\\ Won't you join me?\\
- - From the Word of Anges\\+ - From the Word of Agnes\\
 // //
 \\ \\
-Agnes, the Child, the only Fatima never to see the camps. Born from the death of Mary The Forgiver who died in the camps shortly after Joshua's death and the Liberation of humanity. She is an innocent in a waynot tainted by the horror of the Z'bri and her tribe reflects that. She has the eminences of **Capriciousness** and **Inspiration**.\\+Agnes, the Child, was the only Fatima never to see the camps.  She was born from the death of [[:lost_tribes|Mary The Forgiver]] who died shortly after [[:prophecy_of_joshua|Joshua's death]] and the Liberation of humanity. She was an innocent, untainted by the horror of the Z'bri, but her caprice often veered into whimsical cruelty With the [[:the_dancers_-_repercussions|aid of the Fallen]], Agnes has started to grow up.  She now has the Eminences of **Inspiration** and **Recognition**.\\
 \\ \\
-She is capricious and playfulchild many decades old. She watches over her children in the playground andlike any childhas her cliques and her favourites and her fickle fashions. Her form is that of a giant teddy bear and doll who wander around the Playground together.\\ +She has changed from being capricious and playful to being a bold young woman.  Where once she was a decades-old childshe is now visionary, a firebrand, and a leader.  Although her form is still that of a giant teddy bear and doll who travel together, the doll now looks more lifelike, and sometimes she appears without Teddy.\\
-\\ +
-In [[:the_dancers_-_repercussions|recent times]]however, many things have changed for Agnes.  Thanks to the intervention of the Fallen and a Marian ArtefactAgnes has begun the process of growing up, as have her Tribe.  Much of the Tribal information below is out of date, as new norms start to establish themselves.  Most importantly, Agnites no longer have the Eminence of **Capriciousness**.  Instead, they have both **Inspiration** and **Recognition**.+
 \\ \\
 ======The Tribe====== ======The Tribe======
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-Agnes the Child loves her children and has her favourites. Those chosen to wield her power instead of formal priesthoodsto play with Anges most above all others.\\+Agnes the Adventurer loves the children and young adults who make up her Tribe, but is less inclined to favouritism now.  With the loss of Capriciousness and its replacement with Recognitionsuch unfairness will not stand in a Tribe reforged with the aid of the freedom-loving Fallen.  She has taken to choosing priestesses now, calling them Explorers and charging them to investigate the wider world - a clear departure from the usual Tribal position that right-thinking people loyal to their Fatimas should never leave Vimary.
 \\ \\
-Their settlement is known as Playground and is fairly small700 people all told, and in a difference to the other tribes is not organised by family units but by caste which in turn are decided by age.\\+The settlement known as Playground was the former home of the Tribe.  Howeverin recent times Playground is all but abandonedexcept for mobs of savage guerrillas who have riddled the place with traps and ambush points.  Quite why these Agnites behave thus isn't yet widely known.  Since the upheaval within the Tribe, about 500 Agnites remain.  In a difference to the other Tribes, the Agnites are not organised by family units but by caste which in turn are decided by age.\\
 \\ \\
-The **Young Ones** are those still in the creche. The Children, Barren and Breeders all help take care of them and they spend their time playing.\\+The **Young Ones** are those still in the creche. They are looked after by Children and Caregivers, and spend most of their time playing.\\
 \\ \\
-The **Children** are the heart and soul of the tribe. They are all younger than 17 but older than 7 summers and are Agnes' main playmates and Leaders of the tribe. They run the farms, guard the tribe, and while they're not really comparable to the Joanite forces they're not to be underestimated. They never have children of their own - not while they're still Children themselves - that's what Breeders are for.\\+The **Children** were once the heart and soul of the tribe, but the focus is now changing. They are all younger than 13 but older than 7 summersand are of significantly less prominence than once they were; where once they played with Agnes, ran the farms, and guarded the Tribethey are now looked after by Evans and Caregivers and spend their time learning, exploring and growing.\\
 \\ \\
-When the children grow up they make become a **Breeder**. Breeders make more children for Anges so she always has new playmates. Breeders average out at 3 children every five years and are unusually fertile compared to the rest of the tribesWhen children are born they're taken to the Creche and brought up by the whole of the tribe.\\+Most of the Young Ones and Children are looked after by the Evans, after the evacuation of Playground Some of the former Breeders and Barrens help out as well, in their new roles as Caregivers.\\
 \\ \\
-If grown Child don't become a breeder then they become a **Barren** - those unable to bear children for Agnes. They're the bottom of the pecking order and are mostly lave labour, doing the hard work that the Children direct them tooMany barren's instead go off to join Dhalian caravans to serve Anges and live perhaps a little bit longer.\\+One of the big changes is the creation of new caste, for Agnites aged from about 13 to their mid-20s.  Older Children and younger Breeders and Barrens - those who didn't Fall in the changes, at least - are now **Rangers**.  They train with Joanites, learning lessons from the stories of Hermit Blades and preparing for both adventure and combat They defend Playground with uncommon inventiveness, and also expand the boundaries of Tribal presence as best they can. \\
 \\ \\
-Every year there is a celebration of the birth of Agnes. 12 Barrens are nominated as 'Forgivers' reminding the tribe of their ties to Mary. It is a great honor to be chosen and goes to the oldest and most dedicated. At the height of the Festival of Rebirth the 12 Forgivers climb into a wicker lady before it is set alightIt is said that not one of the twelve ever cries out in painsuch is their devotion. From the ashes Agnes then arises and the celebrations reach their peak.\\+The older Breeders and Barrens are now **Caregivers** - so, in principle, would any of the older Rangers who decided to "settle down" - there to look after the Young Ones and Children and ensure that the Evan influence doesn't become too stultifying There is still a clear focus on childhood and youth in the tribebut thus far the Caregivers are treated much better than Breeders or Barrens ever were.\\
 \\ \\
-======The Unwritten rules====== +Historically, there was an annual celebration of the birth of Agnes, where twelve Barrens were selected as "Forgivers" and sacrificed in memory of Mary, Agnes' mother.  This year, however, Agnes wanted something different.  Instead, twelve Caregivers were selected as Explorers alongside those Favourites who survived the transition to Agnes' adolescence.\\
-The Children deny that anyone gets banished from Agnes' playground but that's not true - their names are never mentioned and a hush falls if anyone brings them up. Banishments are perhaps fewer than in the other tribes but they still happen.\\+
 \\ \\
-Nothing is really taboo in AgnesPlayground but her mood can change from day to day, and what is fun and what is not (which is pretty much the same as what is the law) can shift as easily as the wind. Get on her wrong sidedo something to ruin her fun and a Child may find themselves banished.\\ +It's claimed that the surviving Marians now openly live alongside the Agnitesbut if this is true they certainly don't advertise it to outsiders.
-\\ +
-By definition getting old makes a child boring as well and many chose to leave rather than suffer getting old in a world of kids\\+
 \\ \\
 +======The Unwritten rules======
 +Agnes' enthusiasm for newness continues, albeit in a different form.  Agnites now are expected to be innovative and inventive, keen to explore the world around them and to learn.  However, Agnes has said that she doesn't want to make people Fall as a punishment any more, given how much the Fallen helped her.\\
 ======What does she think of her sisters?===== ======What does she think of her sisters?=====
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-The Evan's are mothers to all but in the world of Agnes they see no need of mothers and find the Evan influence stiflingYagans pride themselves on age but the older you are the more boring you get and so the Agnites tend to ignore them. Dhalian's are perhaps the closest the Agnites have to kindred spirits - enjoying similar sense of playfulness and often letting Agnites accompany them on their caravan journiestaking one on as a mascot. The Tereshebans and Joanites tend to try and curtail the games of the children and there is little love lost between them. Magdalen and her people share the wonder of the world and the desire to explore it but their focus is inwards while the Agnites look outwards however they often welcome Agnite visitors to their lands+Agnes looks up most of all to Her Aunt, Joan Both were helped by the Fallen, and Agnes certainly likes to think that the two Fatimas share brave and noble spirit.  Agnes still thinks very kindly of Evahowever, recognising more than before the importance of a mother's protection for the children.  Her attitude to Magdalen is much as it was before: The Lover and her people share the wonder of the world and the desire to explore itbut their focus is inwards while the Agnites look outwards.\\ 
- +\\ 
-Agnites pity the Fallen and profess that Agnes still loves them regardless. The excitement and energy of the Fallen can seem like a new game to the Children who perhaps don't notice, or don't wish to notice, the darkness at the core. +The Yagan obsession with fate and destiny grates against the Agnite enthusiasm for exploration and newness.  If everything is fatedthen nothing exciting can happenafter all.  Tera Sheba's laws and (some sayhypocrisy are a direct contrast to Agnes' new preoccupations and there is no love lost between the two.  And finally, the once-close relationship between Agnes and Dahlia seems to have cooled somewhatwith the point of conflict having something to do with the Fallen.\\ 
- +\\ 
-======Guilds and Cliques====== +Agnites now somewhat idolise the Fallenmuch to the other Tribes' horror.  Though both Fallen and Agnites share excitement and energy, the Rangers now recognise that they are bright and clearwhere the Fallen are darker and often lost.
-  * Bullies: famous for their use of intimidationteasingbeatings and even torture, these Agnites are generally larger and older than other Children. +
-  * Tattletales/Squealers: Younger and smaller Children who spy on and report other Children (and anyone else!) to whomever can get their target in the most trouble. +
-  * Loners: Refusing to join the other Cliques, these Children are often picked on.  Some have the smarts and strength to avoid being the bottom rung on the social ladder. +
-  * Victims: They found a kind of freedom in rolling over and playing punching bag for every Bully.  They survive by learning to take a hitand in becoming a powerful figure’s favourite. +
-  * Babysitters: On the fast-track to becoming Breeders when they’re old enough, the Babysitters took care of the Littles and the Young Ones.  They suffered relatively little from the Playground politics, and tend to be gentle and kind, with a ready ear+
-  * Golden Kids: The Golden Kids gain their power through charisma and natural leadership ability.  Leaders of these Cliques tend to be physically attractivedynamic and fearless enough to stand up to Bullies, Tattletales and even adults from other Tribes. +
-  * Scouts: Questioning, thieving, irresponsible children most often found outside Playground.  Obsessed with lurking, searching, finding and exploring, they tend to have the best toys to trade and thus did very well in Playground. +
-  * Favourites: The undisputed rulers of Playground, these are as close as Agnites get to priests – they are trained in Synthesis by Agnes Herself, and when teams are chosen, the Favourites are always on Agnes’ side. +
-  * Breeders: Wilful, self-centred and petulant, the Breeders try to use their special status as the makers of the Children to compensate for the freedom they lost when they became “adults.” +
-  * Nursemaids: They might have trouble giving birth, but they are good at raising Children, so they are put into the Crèche in order to free up the Breeders. +
-  * Barren: Virtual slaves to the Children and Breedersthe Barren are the refuse of Agnes’ Tribe.  They are little more than living toys for the rest of the Tribe.  Many former Agnites among the Fallen are Barren who fled Playground. +
-  * Dahlian Mascot: Instead of becoming a Barren, an Agnite may instead take up with a Caravan, who keep them around for good luck until they formally become a Dahlian. +
 ======Influences====== ======Influences======
-  * Peter Pan +  * The Hunger Games 
-  * Lord of the Flies+  * The Insurgent Series 
 +  * The Maze Runner
 Photo by Tom Garnett Photo by Tom Garnett
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