The Falling Down GM Team is Ellie Williams and Joe Rooney. We met through games like Ornithocracy and Empire, and bonded over a shared love of the Tribe 8 setting. We run Falling Down as a shared project around our work and other hobbies, and do not receive any payment for doing so - we run this game for the love of it.

Ellie Williams

I've been roleplaying since about the age of 13 but only starting LARPing (Joe and I have differing opinions over the spelling of that particular acronym) when I got to uni. I've been involved in the Oxford Universeity RPGsoc since 2002 (Like the Hotel Calafornia, you can check out but you can never leave - for which in this case I am very grateful!) both playing and running numerous termly society freeform games and tabletops. I first played Tribe 8 again towards the end of university when a good friend ran the first part of the main campaign for a group of us. I played an ex-Dahlian hunter who may bare a passing resemblance to one of the sample PC's…
I currently play Empire and Odyssey and crew Dark Tempus and Ornithocracy. I work as a biochemical research scientist and also enjoy sewing, reading and baking.

Joe Rooney

I've been LRPing since I was 11, and started running live-action (Vampire: the Masquerade) games when I went to University. I got into Tribe 8 in my final year at Uni, where a friend ran the first part of Children of Prophecy for us. I played an ex-Magdalite Concubine who joined the Lightbringers, but also ended up being close to the Children of Lilith at the end of the campaign. I was one of the two creators of the multi-award-nominated Insurrection LRP, and was on the Design Team throughout its eleven-event run. I currently play Ornithocracy, Empire, Odyssey, Dark Tempus and Tales Out Of Anchor, and crew The Fall Of Vusoria and Pioneers. I work as a trade union official, and when not doing that or going to events, I also like various other sorts of gaming, and going to gigs and concerts (I'm a big fan of punk and hardcore music). I'm straight-edge and vegan, which should hopefully help you target any bribes more effectively…

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