Joan - The Warrior

I am the sword that punishes
I am the righter of wrongs
I am strength incarnate
I am a tool to be used for my people.
I am true beyond truth.
- From the Word of Joan

Joan is the winged Warrior of the tribes, the strength of arms standing against the threats from without. She is the blade that keeps the Tribes safe. She is the quiet steel that slays all its enemies.

Her body is steel and hammered metal, swords and shields and more made one. Her eminences are devotion and fury.

The Tribe

To be a Joanite is to stand in unity, side by side with your sisters, knowing that Joan is at your back and you will defeat any foe together. To be a Joanite is to know that you are fulfilling the will of Joan and Her Sisters utterly and without question. To be a Joanite is to know that you are the weapon honed to purge the impurity from the world. To be a Joanite is to 'Act With Honour' and 'Stay Pure'.

By far the most martial of the tribes, Joanites are the wards and protectors of the land and its people. They guard the borders along the watchtowers called the Seven Fingers and ensure that the peace is kept from roving squat and serf raids. They used to keep the peace within the Tribes, brutally quashing internal strife, but the remaining members of the Watch were banished and now live as Tera Sheban “loyalists.”

The people of Joan used to work closely with the other tribes, especially the Tera Shebans who codify the laws enforced by the Watch. But since the Fallen freed Joan from her imprisonment, the Tribe has parted ways with its former allies in the Shebans. They have closer links to the Fallen of Magog than they do with the Shebans now, and indeed Joan has opened her arms to the Fallen, inviting any that can pass a series of tests called “Crossing the Bridge” to become Joanites, regardless of what Tribe they were once cast out of.

The majority of the Tribe are heavily militarised, guarding Vimary in the Seven Fingers and the Duskfall Forest; the Tribe also maintains a garrison near the village of Magog. Those who aren't combatants instead work to supply the Joanites with the armour and weapons they need to perform their function. Some of the best metal workers of the tribes are from the Joanites' ranks.

The Joanites are ruthless and efficient. They have a very low tolerance for Z'Bri taint and too much contact with them or their serfs can lead to banishment. Their strength comes from each other - they know they can rely on the warrior by their side, they know that together they are more powerful than any other and together they can defeat any foe they are pointed at.

The Unwritten Rules

For a long time, Joanites believed that it is better not to question, for questioning could lead to mistakes, to taint and ultimately to banishment. Joanites believed that they were followers, who needed strong leadership from the Shebans.

Not any more. Since Lilith's birth and death, and the actions of the Fallen in the Duskfall Forest, Joan has a new lease of life. Her Tribe, in turn, are emboldened and impassioned. She stands in no one's shadow any more, and encourages her Tribe to behave as they know is right, rather than looking outside for orders.

What does she think of her sisters?

The Joanites now look down on the Tera Shebans, blaming them for the long period of indecision and servitude that plagued the Tribe. They now believe that the Shebans were holding them back from their true destiny, to protect the Tribes and the Fallen from the Z'bri, and ultimately to take the fight to the Beasts.

Joan is now closest to Her niece, Agnes. She is very protective of the young Adventurer but is keen to help Her find Her own way, rather than stifling Agnes as Tera Sheba stifled Joan.

Yagans, Evans and Magdalites fulfil their role in the order of things just as the Joanites once thought they did. They ask for help when they need it and it is willingly given but there is generally little other contact. More worrying are the Dahlians, who see laws as anathama and revel in chaos and capriciousness, mocking all that the Joanites hold dear - yet they are of the tribes, of the Fatimas and they shall be protected.

The Fallen, in general, are seen as allies and sometimes even friends. Most Joanites would prefer if the Fallen all joined the Tribe, but in the meantime relations are good between the two groups. Joanites seem to get on especially well with the Jackers and Children of Lilith.

Those outside the Goddess' love are not under Joan's protection. The Squats and Keepers can be dangerous but they are also disorganised in general and not a threat. They can be tolerated.

The Z'Bri and their Serfs are unconditionally hated. They are all that is wrong with the world and there is not enough fury in the world to unleash upon them.

Guilds and Cliques

  • Templars: The finest warriors of their Tribe, they also attend to Joan and take care of the traditions and rituals of the Tribe. They staff the Seven Fingers and explore the wilds of Vimary, and serve as Joan’s priestesses.
  • Blades: The Blades of Joan are the fighters and defenders of Vimary. Many aspire to become Templars, and still others are very keen to be Cavalry
  • Weaponshapers: Arguably the most skilful crafters that Vimary has to offer. The Weaponshapers produce weapons, armour and metal tools, and the sub-group called the Glass-Smiths produce glass. They are the backbone of the Tribe.
  • Teachers: Joanites who can no longer carry out their duties are expected to pass on their knowledge to those still in training.
  • Hermit Blades: Those who seek Joan's permission to leave the tribe and head into the outlands better to hunt down and kill the Z'Bri taint they find there before it can harm the tribes. There is no return from becoming a Hermit Blade.
  • The Watch: They worked closely with the Shebans, carrying out investigations and maintaining the peace. But when the time came to choose where their true Devotion lay, the members of the Watch chose Tera Sheba, and so were all cast out of the Tribe of Joan. They are now called the Loyalists among the Tera Shebans.

Photos by Oliver Facey and Tom Garnett

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