The Past Is Dead...

The world of Tribe 8 was once the one we know today – skyscrapers, modern medicine, nine-to-five existence – but all that was wiped away by the arrival of supernatural terrors. Some called them demons, monsters or horrors, but their proper name is Z'bri. No human tongue can quite pronounce the word correctly, but if your breath is rasp and stuck in the space between agony and pleasure, you're close.

The Z'bri came from a distant spirit realm and descended on the modern world like a plague. They were powerful, mad and magical lords drunk on the physical pleasures they had long been denied, and they caused civilization to collapse. Endless tombs dotted the lands and the survivors were herded into camps to dance, scream and die for the pleasure of the mad Z'bri lords. This bondage was seemingly endless, blasting away the memories of the “World Before.”

There were those who kept freedom alive, however. They prayed for salvation and whispered forbidden memories to one another. When even their hope was on the verge of being washed away forever, the Goddess chose to manifest Herself.

The Goddess sent eight strangers – known only as Nomads – to the camps of a once-great city called Vimary. They taught the prisoners how to summon avatars of the Goddess and sacrificed themselves in these same arcane rituals. These avatars, powerful manifestations of one aspect of the Goddess, were called Fatimas and they were glorious indeed, imbued with holy power and divine righteousness. These Fatimas led the prisoners in a revolt against the Z'bri.

The victory against the monsters was neither easy nor complete. In the end, Joshua the Ravager, most powerful of the Fatimas, and His tribe were slaughtered in a final conflict with the Z'bri overlord. The horrors were pushed back to the north of Vimary, but they were not destroyed. The seven surviving Fatimas together formed the Seven Tribes – the new nation of humanity.

Humanity was liberated, but not yet free.

...The Future Begins Now

When Joshua was struck down, he uttered a prophecy. He said that his death would be avenged, that his killers would be destroyed by a reborn Eighth Tribe. It would lead humanity to true and lasting freedom. The other Fatimas call this blasphemy. They and their priests argue the Seven Sisters already created true liberation. This is a lie.

The Seven Tribes only provide protection and prosperity for those who toe the line. Those who dare challenge the Fatimas' will are cast out like so much living trash. Those who have the temerity to be born outside the tribes are less than nothing. Those who have the misfortune of offending a powerful priest or a capricious chieftain become exiled wretches. All the while the Z'bri still control the north of Vimary and plot their vengeance. The Fatimas bicker among themselves and toy with their followers while uncounted thousands live in bondage to the Z'bri and the world at large remains in ruins.

The Fatimas and their lackeys look out and see a world they will shape for their avatars’ will. They ignore the uncounted Squats who have never known the tribes or their ways; they ignore the Z'bri Serfs who have become slaves to the horrors out of desperation; they ignore the Keepers, strange technopriests who cling to the World Before.

But there is hope, because Joshua's legacy is coming true. In the growing legion of the outcasts, there are those who refuse to fade away. Just as Joshua predicted, the Goddess Herself has not abandoned them even if Her avatars have. They are still young, gathered only in scattered cells of like minded exiles. They call ourselves the Fallen, but they are building an Eighth Tribe to finally free humanity from Fatima and Z'bri alike..

Already they have created the settlement of Hom as an embryo of their new nation. It is a rough hewn home, regrouping various cells of outcasts and a few leaders. But it is the first step on the road to freedom.

The Coming of the Liberator

The Fallen came to realise that the Tribals had no interest in letting them simply live their own lives, and at the same time found a connection to the fabled Joshua the Ravager. Finding a lost Joshuan warrior and exposing a corrupt Sheban Judge brought the Fallen together; Joshua was real, and his original Tribe still existed in the Outlands. This led the Fallen to seek their destiny beyond Vimary.

An expedition that found the ruined Joshuan village of Mahgog led to the birth of Lilith the Liberator, self-proclaimed Fatima of the Eighth Tribe, from the bones of Joshua Himself. At first, the Fallen did not trust Her, but over the course of a year, Lilith has indeed proved Herself. She has raised a new island, Haven, from the depths of the Great River, giving the Fallen food to eat and a fortress to defend them. In the process, She has given them their Second City as Joshua prophesied.

Defying Her Aunts, yet aided by Joan the Warrior, Lilith has begun a Crusade, making war upon the Z'Bri. Indeed, the forces of the Jackers, Herites and Children of Lilith have massed together in the Duskfall Forest, alongside Joanite Blades and Templars (What Joan's sisters think of this is unclear). Led by Lilith the Liberator, they have walked across the surface of the Great River itself, hoping to strike a mighty blow against the Z'Bri and their vile leader, the Baron. Here in the depths of Duskfall, we few must remain, securing the route by which they will return. Warriors, hunters, healers, Dreamers, even traders, crafters, and politicians from all the Outlooks of the Fallen are gathered here to see them home safely. All our hopes go with the Crusade of the Liberator.

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