It is very important that you read our game statement before playing or monstering the game.
Please also read the section on combat safety before engaging in any combat.

Setting information

The Past

  • The setting is roughly post apocalyptic mixed with Dark Ages technology and a very small smattering of technology from before the apocalypse.
  • The Apocalypse was in the form of horrific creatures called the Z'bri breaking into our world (the physical orb) and enslaving humanity.
  • Humanity spent many years in camps suffering horribly under the Z'bri.
  • Around 80-90 years ago 8 manifestations of the goddess were created by humanity harnessing the power of the spirit (synthesis) and led humanity to freedom (The Liberation).
  • Six sisters survived (Baba Yaga, Tera Sheba, Eva, Magdalen, Dahlia, Joan), two died, (Joshua and Mary), one was born after The Liberation (Agnes).

The Tribes

  • Each Fatima has her own tribe and together they form a cohesive community with each tribe taking on a certain role within society.
  • The sum total of tribals is close to 30,000 people.
  • Tribal society is Matriarchal and women generally take a very prominent role in society although men also take important roles if they are suited to them.
  • Most tribals are taught to hate the Fallen and to consort with them is to invite banishment yourself, but some people still risk it.
  • Tattoos are very important to the Tribes. They tell the story of someone's life and actions and are as integral to that person as their own skin.

The Fallen

  • All Player Characters are Fallen.
  • They are the outcasts from the tribe, stripped of their family and connection to the Fatimas.
  • The Fallen live on two small islands on the edge of Vimary called Haven and Hom. They tend to form 'cells' - small groups of friends and allies who look out for each other.
  • There are five main Fallen outlooks; Doomsayers (all about prophesy), Lightbringers (want to unite the Fallen), Herites (hate the Fatimas and all they stand for) Jackers (Want to bring justice to the fallen and the fight to the Z'bri) and Children of Lilith (Warriors of Lilith keen to bring the fight to the Z'bri - unlike Jackers, they follow a Fatima)
  • Lilith is a very new Fatima (only a few months old) who claims to be the Fatmia for the Fallen. There are mixed opinions about her.

The World

  • The Tribals and the Fallen live in an area called Vimary.
  • The Z'bri still live mostly to the North only a few days travel away.
  • Keepers are decedents of survivalists who escaped the Z'bri when they first arrived and are the only source of technology from the world before.
  • Squats are humans who somehow escaped enslavement from an unknown elsewhere without the help of the Fatima's.
  • Serfs are humans still enslaved by the Z'bri.

Rules Summary

All Characters

  • 2 Physical Health (Global)
  • 2 Spiritual Health (Global)
  • 5 minute death count during which you are either unconscious or semi-lucid. You are unable to move unaided, speak coherently, attack, defend, or use any skill or items.
  • Use small weapons (18” or smaller) in one hand at a time
  • Speak Gaelish (English) and Fanzay (French) to the best of your OOC ability
  • Apply immediate first aid to an injured person (but not themselves), pausing their death count for as long as they continue to roleplay staunching wounds to the exclusion of all else although another person can move the casualty if you continue to staunch them.
  • Use a night's sleep to regain all lost Physical and Spiritual Health
  • Use a night's sleep and consume a dose of Hazers to plumb the depths of the River of Dream for visions relevant to their current situations
  • Spend a Spiritual Health to gain the protection of one of their Eminences against a roleplaying effect.

Healing and Armour

  • Rules for healing can be found here.
  • No skills are needed to wear any armour.
  • Anyone can start the game with armour phys-reps covering at least the torso to gain +1 hit.
  • Skills are needed to make medium and heavy armour but not to wear it.
  • Heavy leather or fur armour that gives +2 Physical Health.
  • Wearing Chain/plate/tyre/flak jacket armour that gives +4 Physical Health.



Note that certain calls are labelled either Sundering or Synthesis - this is simply a note to people with certain powers that react differently to Sundering or Synthesis and is not relevant to most people.

Arc [x] Everyone within a 90-degree arc in front of the person making this call, up to 5m away, loses [x] Physical Health
Dodge You may ignore the effect of one blow struck by an opponent in melee combat, so long as you saw it coming and call Dodge immediately. Ineffective against arrows/bolts/ranged/magical attacks.
Holding The target is completely paralysed for one minute. Sundering
Impale The target's Physical Health is immediately reduced to zero.
Inferno (x) The target is consumed with flames and immediately loses (x) points of Physical Health. If the target is reduced to zero Physical Health in this way, they suffer an automatic Deep Wound. Sundering
Man DownAlthough not an official system call, we are aware that some people may use this accidentally instead of “Stop The Game.” If you hear “Man Down,” please quickly assess the situation to make sure that it is an IC use rather than an OC use. If it's OC, please help everyone out by calling “Stop The Game”!
Mass The other call made with this affects everyone within 5m
Ranged (x)The target (who much be within 20m of the person making this call) is struck by a fast-moving projectile, causing the loss of (x) Physical Health. (x) may also be another call, e.g. Impale or Strikedown, in which case you lose 1 Physical Health and take the normal effect of that call.
Repel The target must move in the specified direction for fifteen seconds. Synthesis
Sever If this attack strikes the target's limb, that limb is useless until treated. If it strikes the target's head or torso it has no special effects.
Shatter The struck object is destroyed, rendering it permanently useless.
Strikedown The target is knocked to the floor.
Sunder (x) The target's flesh rebels against them, causing the loss of (x) points of Physical Health. Sundering
Synthesis (x)The target is assaulted by Spiritual power, causing the loss of (x) points of Physical Health. Synthesis
Turn Aside Allows the user to resist being knocked to the floor by a Strikedown or prevents a weapon being shattered
Stop The Game You should use this call if you or someone nearby has become injured or seems likely to in the near future. You should also call Stop The Game if you or someone nearby has become uncomfortably distressed on an OOC basis. Play will stop and a Guide will come as fast as possible to provide assistance as necessary and call Time In when appropriate.
Time In (Guides Only)This is when game play starts or resumes. Once Time In has been called, you are expected to speak and act as your character as far as is possible.
Time Out (Guides Only)This is when game play stops. You should stop playing your character at this point.
Time Freeze (Guides Only)Game play is paused while something happens. You should shut your eyes and remain quiet while this is going on - it shouldn't take too long! From your character's perspective, no time has passed while in this state.
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