For the Tribes, to leave Vimary is a fate very nearly as bad as the Fall. Away from the Fatimas' love, the River of Dream is harder and harder to reach, and the feeling of loneliness and despair that grows to fill the gap left behind has brought many an explorer low. Some say that if you travel too far, you cannot help but Fall, but few are willing to test the theory. Still, the Outlands are the only place where the Tribes can acquire certain key goods, such as the sap of the maple trees, or many fruit and vegetables, and thus some must venture forth at the Tribes' behest to gather these items. Everyone else gives lip service to the idea that this is a respected task, while silently thanking the Fatimas for not choosing them for these jobs.

The Fallen, of course, have no such concerns. Their connection to the River is just as strong away from Vimary as on Haven itself. However, they often lack the resources to safely travel away from their home, and so exploration is just as hard, but for different reasons.

Note that amongst the population of Vimary, maps are rarely exact and generally scorned as an obsession of the Keepers. Measurements of distance are generally done in klicks (a Keeper unit relating to 1,000m) but navigation is more about the direction one starts one's journey and the landmarks one recognises along the way rather than trying to relate a three-dimensional landscape to a two-dimensional picture.

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