The tribal lands under the protection of the Fatima's is known as Vimary. It comprises a number of islands separated by tributary rivers that all flow into the Great River. The World Before can still be seen in ruins across Vimary used to a greater or lesser extent by the tribes.


Bazaar is the heart of the tribal lands - a place where the tribes meet and trade and exchange news, information and goods. It is made from the wreckage of the buildings from the Time Before. They rise high into the sky and while many are only a story or two high, enough rise towards the sky to show that this was once a forest of stone. Bazaar extends beneath the ground into tunnels and exists as vibrantly there as it does on the surface or in the upper levels. Even as the old buildings offer shelter during the harsh winters, they serve too as a reminder of the follies of the Time Before - a stark warning not to repeat the mistakes of the past and to remain true to the Goddess and her Fatimas.

At ground level the streets are covered with tarpaulins and makeshift walls and dividers criss cross the streets. The streets are full of traders and craftsmen, travellers and residence. Above ground level, up to around the first five stories or so, people who don't live in their own tribal lands for whatever reason tend to make their home - some prefer to be able to see the light and live at the edges of the large buildings while those happier in the dark make their homes deeper within the structures. It is here you'll also find the most inns and taverns.

The buildings are fairly easily accessed from ground level however there are an assortment of rope bridges and makeshift gantries that cross above the streets and allow passage from one building to another. In once place the Agnites have piled old Auto's together to form a bridge across the street below - passage through the street via large arches formed from the twisted metal frames of the larger relics.

Above the upper world lie the skyrealms - a place of shadow despite its height above the shaded streets. Up here dwell outcast Z'Bri and their serfs. Some are even rumoured to have dealings with the tribals beneath them and it is certain that they have little love for their brethren in H'l Kar. Why they are tolerated by the Fatima's is unclear but so far no move has been made to oust them.

Beneath the streets of Bazaar are the tunnels and open spaces underground that make up the Emporiums. These are the true trade hubs and a first point of call if you want to find anything. They are also connected to the Underground - tunnels that interconnect and run for klicks beneath Vimary its self.

Winter Atrium

The Winter Atrium is the main market of the tribes and is found in a large open plan yet underground structure. It is dominated by several very large tunnels that lead beneath Tribal lands and out to the wilderness beyond. Keepers say that large metal vehicles travelled along rails here but most Tribals dismiss this as nonsense. The advantage of the Winter Atrium is that one of the tunnels connects directly to Griffentowne and thus is a reliable route for fresh grown food and livestock to make its way to Bazaar.

The Pit

The Pit is a building that extends three floors above the ground and two below however down the centre the floors have collapsed leaving a hollow series of galleries looking down to the flooded basement level where lies a dark pool of oily water. Small tunnels connect The pit to the winter atrium and traffic between the two is often very heavy. As well as the many traders there are also a number of notable, but not necessarily reputable, taverns and inns offering a variety of services.

The Abyss

Less of an open space and more a space created by the collapsing of many smaller tunnels, the Abyss is so called not only for the many shadowy and dark recesses it hides but also the many shadowy people who hide within it. It is a place where Squats, Keepers and Fallen all come to trade and those with a mind to from the Tribes also frequent here but it is a place the watch has turned its back on and it is not the safest of places to go.

Mortuary and the Great Hill

The Lands of Baba Yaga are dominated by a large hill just to the North of Bazaar covered in dense forest leading to a perpetual twilight to the moss covered ground beneath. On the top of this hill lies the Great Dome - once a large structure from the time before with a large domed roof now collapsed in on its self. Now it forms the home of Baba Yaga herself, the gifts of bones and chosen possessions of the dead of her tribe piled up in the centre of it from which she manifests her form when she wishes to speak to her tribe. Around the Great Dome live also dozens of Crows and Ravens, perched on the high tower ruins that still stand either side of the broken dome.

On the far slopes of the hill lies Mortuary - a series of graveyards and monuments and homes where the majority of the Yagens live. The smaller structures connected to the central mortuary building by a endless series of tunnels and crypts that merge with the grave fields of the tribe that extend further east.

The Grave fields themselves are the most holy lands of the tribe, a reminder of the cycle of life as the trees grow on the bones of the dead and the stone last as a reminder of those gone before. Through the Grave Fields are many paths, the most notable of which is the Raven's Path - it is a spiritual as much as a physical path. To walk it is to court danger and yet also find enlightenment, understanding and knowledge. Every Yagan walks it at least once and while some never walk it again, the Old Ones walk it frequently - some say it changes every time you walk it, revealing new mysteries every time.

In the middle of the grave field lies the Crone's Library - the collected history of the Tribes is recorded here on the carefully preserved skins of those who have died and passed beyond the River. It is from here that the Pellis Artisans hone and use their skills.

Joan's Watchtower

Joan's watchtowers run across the width of Vimary - built entirely from scavanged material instead of being reclaimed ruins, these 14 towers show the old border of Tribal lands before the Z'bri were beaten back further and the northern lands of Vimary were reclaimed as far as the Seven Fingers in the North. Now the towers act as lookout posts against incursions, with Joan's Watchtower being the largest and offering the best vantage point across the land. Many are large enough to house whole Joanite families with others living in small homes around their bases. The towers also serve as workshops for the craftsmen and artisans who make the weapons, armour and signalling glass that allows swift communication with the Seven Fingers.

Within the Tower is a large arena where only the most dedicated and worthy are allowed to tread. The walls are lined with weapons and armour and it is said that Joan herself will manifest from those things hanging on the walls to test the skill of those who enter. Outside, at the base of the tower is a large ring of stones and monuments to fallen Joanite warriors. Joanites often walk around the ring paying homage to the fallen before moving into the centre of the ring to train.

Council Ruins

Overlooked by Joan's Watchtower are the Council ruins - a space where the elders of all the tribes gather to discuss the business of the tribes and where the Fatimas themselves sometimes come to advise them. Arranged as a giant amphitheatre, it is surrounded by smaller buildings where the attendants of those elders see to any necessary buisness. Also here is the Red Gaol where those facing banishment are held until they are brought before the Council, the tribe and the fatima's for judgement and are stripped of the Godesses love and made Fallen.

Despite assurances to the contrary, it is widely believed that there are many tunnels that lead beneath the Council Ruins.


Xstasis is the home of Magadalen and her people. Just to the east of Bazaar, Xstasis stands as a tower from the time before, lovingly looked after and preserved as best the Magdalites could manage. It is a place that is designed to be touched, from smooth metal to cool glass to polished stone. The tower is full of small rooms and marked off alcoves and areas dedicated to sensation and luxury.

The tower is self blends seemlessly into the Hedge Maze that surroundeds it. It is within the maze that many build small homes and carefully signal whether visitors are welcome and what delights they are likely to find inside - different colours of ribbon or flowers representing different indulgences and tastes catered for.

The Maze and Tower alike though are designed such that even though you have the illusion of privacy, every place is overlooked, subtly, and there are a hundred eyes watching you and enjoying the spectacle you are creating. Although to be caught watching is of very poor form it is encouraged to do so as there is the attitude that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Sanctuary and Lai

Lai is the name given to the lands of Eva's tribe and Sanctuary is the Home of Eva - a connected series of five islands across which the farms and fields of the Evan's stretch providing food for the Tribes throughout the year and on which scattered in small homesteads the families of Eva's tribe live. Just to the west of Bazaar, these lands were once covered in the same ruins as the land to the east but when Eva claimed them for her own she spread her wings, spilled her milk and banished the rot of the world before from her verdant gardens. Trees burst forth in an instant, drank up the water the flooded the land, cracked the blacktop and concrete surface beneath them and died to form the soil from which good crops would then grow. This is how the fields seen today were created.

Ezzim and Delai

These two Islands are used during the summer harvests and growing seasons. During the winter they are too hard to defend against Squat raiding parties coming across the river from the South


Lying to the North of Ezzim and Delai, the Island of Roth is a marshy land. Despite some farmland, the majority of the land is still covered in water. Ruins from the time before still poke through the topsoil more-so here than anywhere else and crops are grown on the streets where people once walked.

Keepers are still often seen on their boats exploring the streets of Roth suggesting there are still things to find there.


Sanctuary is the most blessed and verdant of the Islands and is the Home of Eva herself. Crops grow here by Her blessing all year around and the orchards are always laden with fruit. This holy land is tended to by Eva's shamans only as only they have a sufficient understanding of the Fatmia's touch to care for them. They say that during the summer a certain tree produced many golden fruit which when picked exude the warmth of the summer they were grown in - when placed amongst the other trees they bleed away their heat providing protection during the harsh winter months.


The largest of the islands, only the southern portion has been converted into fields, the rest given over to a swampy forest. Although the Evan's maintain that all their lands are verdant, the northern portion of Sunblessed shows this to be false as very little cultivated will grow and that which does is hard worked for.


Griffentowne is a small Evan farming community on the edge of the Duskfall forest. While not a large village, it is responsible for some of the largest areas of arable land that the Tribals cultivate and produce a great percentage of what the Tribals live off of.

The people of Griffentowne differ from their Evan brethren in that they use the elements of the World Before rather than trying to remove them. This is reflected both in their general attitude (which can cause tensions between them and Eva herself yet theirs is a community that cannot be ignored due to their arable contribution) and in their use of the so called 'D'Jet houses' that they have converted for use as granaries and Winter Greeneries. The greatest of these Greeneries is a large three story building with one side entirely made out of glass. Wood burners keep the place warm even in the winter and the Griffentowne residents work to keep the place irrigated providing fresh food all year around.


Westholm is the most remote outpost of the Tribals on the far side of the Duskfall forest. It is mostly made up of Evans, Dahlians and Joanites. It is as far from Tribal society as you can get without actually leaving it and tends to attract those with a wanderlust that needs itching or those who have become disenchanted with the politics and style of life that Bazaar offers.

Duskfall forrest

Towards the North of Vimary, Duskfall forest is so called for the perpetual darkness under the branches of its tightly packed trees. It is a large, wild and untamed area yet despite the trees trying to reclaim the land, ruins from the time before are all over the place if you know where to look - however they're easy to miss unless you know what you're looking for. Duskfall is also one of the most dangerous places in Vimary - nominally on Evan soil, it is a wild place inhabited by vicious animals (wolves and worse) and swarms of insects that will strip the flesh from your bones if they can. Squats also hunt here, both for animals and looking for easy Tribal targets. Some Z'bri and their chained beasts are also known to venture and hunt within, travelling down from the North as the mood takes them.

While the Joanites do their best to keep Duskfall safe they're too hard pressed by the rest of Vimary's challenges to keep it clear of all dangers and any who venture in should do so prepared or not at all.

Sunken City

The Sunken City lies to the south of Bazaar and is the home of Tera Sheba and her tribe. Split between the banks of the Great River and the half-submerged ruins that poke above the level of the water, it is a place that roots its self firmly in the ruins of the world before. Young Tera Shebans (and others) often go diving into the submerged parts of buildings looking for interesting relics and items to recover but this is becoming more dangerous every year as the winters degrade the buildings and the easy pickings have already been taken.


The tower complex that is at the centre of the Tera Sheban tribe in both body and soul. Lined with grand pillars and balconies and surrounded by turrets rising to a grand eight story tower in the centre. It is here that the High Judges sit in Council and discuss matters of the tribe. It is here that Initiates live and learn in the small rooms and classrooms that can be found here. It is here that Tera Sheba herself lives, high in the central tower, her presence felt in every shadow and flicker of the lanterns that light the place, forever revealing truth to those inside.

Court hall

West of Solitude, the Court Hall is imposing with its twelve stories in sheer black stone. The central space collapsed long ago and now each floor is become a gallery looking over a pit of icy water that extends into its basements. Judgements pronounced here are done in hushed tones - the very walls almost swallowing anything lounder.

The pit its self is not wasted and is used as a prison with cages for the guilty left half submerged in the water for days on end. In the winter this is used as a method of execution as the pit freezes trapping the guilty within and leaving a gruesome tableau on view (Some Yagan's show particular interest in the bodies and come to observe them.).

Stone Shores

Now just below the water, the Stone Shores were once great stone piers for ships from the Time Before. Now they are the domain of the Stilt Walkers who fish there to provide the Tribe with some source of food independent of the Evans.

Fisher King's Tower

The Tower, only three floors of which poke above the water, is on the far edge of one of the piers of the Stone Shore is the home of one of Tera Sheba's most loyal servants known as the Fisher King. Once a High Judge, he was as strong as any Joanite and often fought the Z'bri side by side with them. He was badly wounded in an encounter with them some years ago and, for his loyal service, Tera Sheba granted him the tower as his new home. It is accessible by boat or by stilt walker or by treacherous ice bridge during the winter.


The home of Agnes and her tribe - it is a place of hidden spaces, nooks and crannies. Ropes and bars to swing from and long slides leading to interesting places. Agnes and Dahlia often alter its layout so that it is always shifting and changing and there are always new places to explore.
\\It is also here that the Breeders and Barrens live although being on the bottom of the pecking order they are less free to roam around Playground as they wish.


These are the tunnels that run underneath much of Playground and the surrounding area. They are separate from the Emporiums and are not what you would call 'safe' with many places you can only reach by crawling through narrow passages and swimming through underwater tunnels. They are explored and frequented by the Agnites who are always playing new games within them and looking for new unexplored areas in which to devise new entertainments for Agnes and uncover new Toys to gain her favour. Occasionally you will also find Keepers in these tunnels looking for new caches from the time before.

Agnes' Playroom

In the highest reaches of playground, the route to which is changeable, precarious and best attempted by children with fearless invulnerability, lies Agnes' playroom. Filled with the best toys and playthings, it is here Agnes and her Favourites play and plot their games for the future. In Playground it is said lives a keeper toymaker who loves Agnes so much he stays with her in her playroom… others say he is a prisoner there and cannot leave.

Discarded Lands

The Discareded Lands is the area north and east of the main Tribal population before you reach the Rust Wastes. It is an area not patrolled by Joanites and often traversed by Squats, Keepers and Z'bri for a variety of reasons and is filled with ruins from the time before. Running north/south through the Discarded lands is the great canal - Some 10m wide and 25m deep, it is a gully cut into the land from the Time Before. The Keepers maintain it was once a road but now it is flooded and traversed only by boat.

Seven Fingers

The Seven Fingers are towers which stand proud at the very northern edge of Tribal Lands looking out towards Z'bri lands and are the first line of warning and defence of any attack from either Z'bri or Squat from the north. Connecting each tower is a stretch of blacktop from the time before - wide enough to place troops ten deep if necessary. Each tower contains a Joanite outpost that is constantly manned allow defence of the border and signalling of any assault with Joanite crafted glass mirror signalling lanterns to the other towers and to the Joanite watchtowers further south in Vimary. Thirty Blades, two Templars and two Glass-Smiths man each tower during times of Peace.

Talon Nexus

A large underground complex south of the seven fingers - four platforms on two levels connect two long tunnels that run north/south and east west. It is here that an enclave of Yagan's live along side many Squats who have made their home here. Away from Tera Sheba's prying eyes, the Yagan's are thought to use the northern tunnel to raid the cemetery pits of the Serf lands to the North and tolerate the Squat presence presumably in exchange for the privacy Talon Nexus provides them. The North/South Tunnel is known as 'The Rift' and is partially collapsed along its length and flooded enough to allow for Keeper, Tribal and Squat boats to pass down. At eleven points along The Rift, there are platforms that appear either side of the shallow river. The East/West tunnel is completely flooded and impassable in both directions and it is not known where they eventually lead.

Circle of the Chosen

A place outside the view of Tribla society, it is not secret but it is a place most wish to forget. It is here that sacrifices are left for the Z'bri to claim in the name of maintaining the peace. The Fatima's claim that only criminals or those who are willing to volunteer are left here. The truth is not necessarily as clear as that.

Rust Wastes

Sub Terra

Hom and Haven

The Islands of Hom and Haven (newly raised by Lilith in an act of great Synthesis with the fallen) are the homes of the Fallen. Arrival onto Hom is tradionally via the Gate of the Banished from the Great Bridge that crosses over Hom and terminates somewhere in the southern outlands. It is patrolled by Joanites nominally to stop Fallen returning back to Bazaar and Vimary. The second bridge, the Bridge of the Fallen, leads back into Vimary but has collapsed onto Hom and terminates there. It too is watched by Joanites carefully. Haven is to the west of Hom and is connected by a bridge formed from the wreckage of an old and rusted tanker from the Time Before.


The village of Hom lies on the island of Hom and is the closest thing that the Fallen have to a town or central community. It is a place of ramshackle homes and re-purposed ruins in which many make their home finding security in numbers.

Gate of the Fallen

A large free standing arch through which all Fallen tend to pass when banished by their tribes. Scratched onto the stone are the names of all those who have passed through it - a lasting testament to their suffering.

Veruka's Tower

Veruka the Wraith, a Doomsayer and fomer Yagan has been Fallen for some years and has taken up residence in a tall and precarious tower. Many go to her for wisdom and advice - she is the most ancient of the Fallen for she was a young child during the Liberation - many fear she will not survive another winter. There is a flame brighter than any other atop her tower that burns night and day - it is said that when the Fallen rise up and embrace their destiny they must take the flame with them - what that destiny is is greatly debated.

The Cage

A skeletal dome made of metal piping with nothing now filling the gaps, The Cage is a place where the Fallen gather to resolve their problems and proclaim any judgements they feel necessary. As there are no leaders, decisions are made through Rants, with anyone who wishes to having a say and anyone welcome to listen. It is under the Cage they gather and where things are thrashed out.

Goddess of Mercy Mission

A former Evan healer, Kymber Reaver, has taken it upon herself to take care of the poor unfortunates who are unable to cope with the shock of becoming one of the Fallen.


A place of many smaller rooms and corridors. It is a place where people go to relax, to drink, to trade and barter. Run by a man called Barber it is the social heart of the Fallen and many meet up here where the drink is cheap and the atmosphere friendly and energetic. Many newly Fallen find themselves here where Barber will help them find their feet while they find a new Cell to join.

Ile Perdue

Every now and then people need to lose themselves. When you reach rock bottom, when you can't take it any more, you end up at the Ile Perdue and for a time (some longer, some shorter) fall into shadow before emerging back into the light.

The Wheel

An ancient relic of the time before - a giant rusted wheel of metal with many metal baskets hanging from it. It is a watchtower for the Fallen and from the top you can see across most of Vimary.

The Temple

A stark building of metal and stone where the Doomsayers mostly live and congregate. It is on the far east of the island and is the place for more philosophical discussion.

The Forest

While not as dangerous as Duskfall, the forest of Hom is still not safe as beasts lurk in the shadows and there are still some Fallen who would prey upon their fellows.

The Forge on Haven

Liliths home and where her Children gather. It is a stark concrete building from the time before, with a large central area beneath which is a basement in which Lilith and has her Forge (and at which some of her Children work crafting weapons and armour to aid the crusades.). Two large sweeping stairs lead to upper levels that contain many smaller rooms where many of the Fallen faithful to Lilith have made their home.

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