Lilith the Liberator is the Fatima of the Eighth Tribe, daughter of Joshua the Ravager. She brings together her father's rage and the Fallen's yearning for freedom. A Cell known as Death's Door ventured into the Outlands following the call of dream and returned, walking across the Great River flanking the Liberator herself. Just like any other inhabitant of Hom, she placed her mark on the Gate of the Banished, and made a simple pronouncement:

“I am Lilith.
I am the daughter of Joshua.
I am born to protect his children.
I have come to end the threats
That spawned in the dark times.
I offer safety,
Guidance in the ways of defence
And help to find your way in Dream.
I will not raise my hand against my aunts,
For my father wished it not.
I am no more than you make of me.
I am your friend.”

The Fallen were initially concerned - was she really Joshua's daughter? Was she a Z'bri? The Herites, in particular, resisted the very notion that the Fallen needed or wanted a Fatima, when the the Seven Deaths, Lilith's “aunts” were their implacable enemy. She pledged herself as an avatar, whose role is to safeguard the destiny of the Eighth Tribe and work towards its true formation. Doomsayers and Lightbringers were generally supportive of her presence, while the Herites and Jackers were more hostile.

When word of Lilith's arrival reached the Tribes, they reacted very badly indeed. A mixed group of Joanites and Shebans stormed onto Hom and demanded the arrest of Lilith, the Death's Door Cell, and several others. After much debate amongst the Fallen, Lilith, the new Outlook she has formed called the Children of Lilith, plus several Lightbringers, Doomsayers and even Jackers, stepped forward, turning the assault into a stalemate. She issued the second of her great pronouncements:

“You seek to bind me as you have bound my children. This will not happen, as I have come to Liberate those who would follow. I, Lilith, daughter of Joshua, protect the Fallen. You will withdraw and not return - if you come back, then you, and any that come with you, will die. Your Tribal laws do not apply to this island.”

And with that, after some bloody and brutal fighting, the Fallen and their Fatima drove the Tribal attackers off Hom.

A few short weeks later, during the annual Festival of Liberation held on Vimary, Lilith led her Children in a great dance of Synthesis. The swamps south of Hom started to boil, causing the winter ice to shatter and crack across the river's whole surface. Out of a billowing cloud of steam rose a large landmass, coming up out of the Great River's depths, complete with a great rusting hulk from the World Before. Lilith then made a third pronouncement:

“I am the daughter of Joshua the Ravager. I am Fatima of the Eighth Tribe. This is Haven, a new homeland for the Eighth Tribe. The Seven are now once again Eight. I bring peace. Leave my people to find their true destiny here in the second city, or I shall also bring death.”

Many Fallen crossed the rusting ruin of the ancient hulk connecting the two islands and moved from Hom to Haven, a much larger island with arable land. Some of the Lightbringers started to organise an unofficial council with the Children of Lilith, which is especially important as large numbers of new Fallen gravitated immediately to the Children as they seek to replace their lost Fatima with a new one. The Herites in particular are vocally critical of these “tourists.” The Children and the Lightbringers started to fortify Haven, backed up by blades forged with pieces of Lilith's body to turn them into relics.

The following Spring, Lilith sent emissaries to her aunt Joan. No one outside the inner circle of the Children and the Lightbringers knows exactly what happened, but both Fatimas soon announced that they would be launching a Crusade in the late Autumn to take revenge against the Z'Bri for Joshua's death. This caused serious friction between Joan and her Sisters, but her grief for her lost Brother still pained her.

So Fallen of all Outlooks started to move into the Duskfall, protected by the Joanites who patrol the mighty forest. There they trained and drilled and practiced alongside the Warrior's Tribe. And finally, with Lilith at the head of the army, a great force of the Fallen and Joanites strode across the Great River and into the H'l Kar to strike against the Z'bri.

For whatever reason, you stayed behind in Duskfall, and await news of the campaign's progress.

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