Some Aspects are restricted even within their originating Tribes - certain Moon Circles and Guilds among the Tribes

Binding (Artisans of Spirit): The Aspect of Binding is the primary function of and known only to the twelve members of the Moon Circle Artisans of Spirit. Composed of Yagans, Evans and Shebans, this Circle binds minor spirits from the River of Dream into physical objects. The resulting product is touched with the power of the bound spirit, making it a more effective tool. The spirits in question have usually given their permission to be bound, but the Artisans have twice bound captured Z'Bri into items (one a book, the other a sword) which are now hidden by the Sisterhoods.

Euthanise (Evan followers of White Viper): Hold a target's attention; for every Spiritual Health you spend, your target loses two Spiritual Health. If they are incapacitated in this way, you may spend a Spiritual Health to execute them.

Habeas Corpus (Terasheban Blind Eyes): You may locate a piece of evidence that lies within one mile per point of Spiritual Health you spend.

Winter's Cloak (Joanite Guild of the Winter Wolf): You are completely immune to cold for one hour per Spiritual Health you spend.

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