Travel north of Vimary is, and has always been, banned by the Fatimas, but all but the most foolhardy Fallen obey this prohibition because all that exists to the north is the H'l Kar and the Z'bri that live there, including their Ziggurat and the dark and terrible city of C'pal, downriver of Vimary. The Great River runs between the Eastern Hills and the Laurn Mountains, eventually reaching the rainy lands of the Sanjon Keepers.

The heavily-forested Laurn Mountains are allegedly home to Hunters, but are too mighty, too wooded and too far for Fallen or Tribal to have idea of the truth of that rumour. West of the mountains are hills and marshes, ravaged by the “white beasts” unleashed by C'pal's Z'bri Lords. They feast on human flesh with glee, leaving grisly remains for others to find.

Ile Danticost and Fonland

Much further downriver than C'pal is an immense bay centred on the island of Ile Danticost, inhabited by numerous animals with no fear of humanity. They island sits atop a network of caves and caverns, which hum with spiritual power. There is barely a trace of the World Before here.

Fonland, home of the Sanjon Keepers, is a massive island southeast of Ile Danticost. It is colder and wetter than Vimary and, much like Ile Danticost, is shrouded by fog along its shores.

The Lake of Ghosts

The source of the Muri River is the Lake of Ghosts, an enormous dammed body of water. The lake's waters flow out into a waterfall, which freezes during the winter, and are surrounded by rough plains. It exists in the River of Dream as well, where it is a shimmering pool near the shores of a great sea. Spirits are drawn to the lake and sucked in, as if by a whirlpool, and trapped there.

Beyond the North Wind

It is certain that there are lands beyond the Laurn Mountains and the Lake of Ghosts, but neither Tribal nor Fallen have ever set foot there.

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