Each sack of materials allows the production of five doses, as follows:

  • Hazers (made from wood, coloured black) such as Greenweed, Dreamer's Meat and Eva's Blessing are potent hallucinogens that blur the distinction between the reality and the physical. This makes it easier for the Dreamer to reach and manipulate the River, as it helps them to cast off their preconceptions and immerse themselves in the fluid, malleable world of dreams. They last for fifteen minutes, double the effect of any Spiritual Health spent on Synthesis, Rituals or Aspects, but also strongly warp your perception of reality and cost one Physical Health when you take them. If you take enough Hazers to reduce you to zero Physical Health, you may enter the River of Dream for five minutes per dose you took. Your death count from this loss of Physical Health will not start until you return to your body. Please note that using Hazers to enter the River (by any means) does not double the effect of your Spiritual Health spending.
  • Healers (made from skins, coloured green) like Willow Bark Tea are herbs that assist with healing, as the name suggests. If someone with the Medicine skill uses a dose of Healers while they’re tending someone’s wounds then that person’s death count is stopped. They still don’t regain any Physical Health but they aren’t about to die.
  • Libs (made from wood, coloured yellow) such as alcoholic beverages and Magdalite potions are relaxants that relax a Dreamer’s body and mind, placing her closer to a sleep state and shutting off external distractions. While they do not directly help her use Intuitive Synthesis, they do help her tune out the world around her and focus on Dream. They are a great aid to anyone performing Freeform Synthesis but leave people feeling sluggish and lethargic for fifteen minutes afterwards.
  • Ragers (made from skins, coloured red) like Joshua's Blood are herbs that assist warriors. For the next fifteen minutes, the Character is considered to have double their usual Physical Health. However, at the end of this period, you will automatically suffer a Deep Wound, as well as any others you might incur.

Note that taking multiple doses of Hazers at once does not continually increase the effectiveness of your Spiritual Health expenditure; nor does taking multiple doses of Ragers at once increase your Physical Health exponentially.

If you take more doses of Ragers than your normal Physical Health (i.e. excluding armour and bonuses from other sources) in a day (dawn to dusk) or night (dusk to dawn), please tell a Guide. Likewise, if you take more doses of Hazers than your normal Spiritual Health (i.e. excluding bonuses) in a day (dawn to dusk) or night (dusk to dawn), please tell a Guide. Similarly, if you take more doses of Libs (excluding those used for healing) than your normal Spiritual Health (i.e. excluding bonuses) in a day (dawn to dusk) or night (dusk to dawn), please tell a Guide.

Note that, with the exception of Drugs, all crafted items will only last until the end of the event after the event or Downtime at which they were made.

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