Playing the Game

  • We don’t have refs. Well, we do, but we call them Guides. They’re present IC and you can interact with them if you like (most of them are kind of assholes, though), but their main role is to provide ref support as and when it’s needed. You’ll be able to recognise them because they’ll be dressed (in a particular way TBC). They aren’t there for plot purposes, albeit that they can do wacky stuff if need be. They follow the will of Fate/Destiny and so aren’t prone to intervening in other people’s problems, though.
  • Clearly, PvP stabbing is going to be a thing. So are big showy rituals and combat with horrible monsters.
  • Certain powers allow a character to move unseen. This is represented by a hand held high in the air - the same sign is used if a person is not present in-character. Players should avoid dropping out-of-character as far as is possible.
  • If someone actually gets injured or becomes uncomfortably distressed, they should call Stop The Game. All play should stop in the area and a Guide should come to help quickly.
  • Area effects (including, but not limited to, Z'Bri Atmospheres) are likely to be a big deal - keep an eye out for A5 lammies explaining any roleplaying and mechanical effects. Although you can choose how your character responds to a given roleplaying effect, there must be a visible change in behaviour – it can’t be solely an internal shift.
  • Each user of the Dreamer skill will be issued with “show-me” lammies outlining what the roleplaying effects and mechanical effects of their powers are; this should help people determine whether they are protected by their Eminences.
  • Crafted weapons are shown by tying a coloured ribbon around the hilt of your physrep (this also shows when it was made). Crafted armour and tools are shown by your own physreps. Drugs are shown by physreps provided by the team.
  • Firearms do exist in the world of Tribe 8, but are used solely by the Keepers. They require special skills to use, which Fallen and Tribals do not have access to. Firearms always count as crafted items.
  • There will usually be a specific tent designated as the “River of Dream” tent. This is where you will start any journeys into the River, where you will encounter spirits, and where you can enter Dreamscapes. You can only enter this tent if you have an appropriate Aspect or have performed an appropriate Ritual, or have some other means of accessing the River.
  • Adjoining this tent will be a designated area of the site which we will use for small linears/quests in the River of Dream, as appropriate. What happens there is not visible from the Physical Orb where most characters exist.
  • Falling Down is intended as a single Cycle composed of four weekend-long events and three periods of downtime. Although there will be plenty for people to do if they don’t want to interact with the “metaplot” of the Cycle, we would encourage everyone to be open to the idea of being part of the story of the world.
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