Step One: Background


  • Choose the Tribe you were once part of and what your Guild/occupation was there (see Tribal pages)
  • Note your Eminences
  • Decide the story part of your background
  • Decide on up to three secrets about yourself
  • Decide on your fatal flaw
  • Answer our Moral Compass questions

Step Two: Falling Down

Falling Down

  • Decide why your character Fell
  • Vision Quest/Goal
  • Choose which Eminence your character has lost, never to regain

Step Three: Getting Back Up Again

Getting Back Up

  • Choose which Outlook your character has joined
  • Choose which new Eminence your character has gained
  • Select your equipment
  • Design your tattoos
  • Design your cell (optional step for groups of characters)

Step Four: Buying Skills

Buying Skills

  • You have 12 points to spend on Skills
  • Determine your Physical and Spiritual Health

The other major thing to consider is your character's name. There are common Clan names for the each of the various different Tribes, but these are stripped from the Fallen when they are cast out. A good source of inspiration for character names comes from popular names in modern-day Quebec, which you could then alter or bastardise somewhat. For example, David might become Divd or Davi, whereas Siobhan might become Chevon. Most Fallen have only one name, and perhaps a byname (“the Ox,” “the Wraith,” “the Hunter” or similar) they have earned through their deeds since Falling. You may be better off waiting to earn a byname in play than assigning one to yourself.

Once your character is done, email us at along with a short public biography (a quick two sentence summary of what other people might know about you by reputation) for us to include on the game character page.

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