The Fatimas

Made from the detritus of the camps - from the bones of the dead, the twisted metal of the time before, from the dust and the dirt and the horror of the camps were formed eight manifestations of the One Goddess. These Fatima's lead what would become the Tribals to freedom from the Z'bri. There are few alive today who ever saw the camps - one or two of the venerable and ancient tribes folk were small children during the Liberation but the effects of that time are around for all to see.

Amongst the Fallen they are known by another name, the Seven Deaths.

The Fates

Baba Yaga - The Crone. She is death and she is endings. She is old and patient and suffers no fools. While she is the oldest of the Fatimas she is not a leader, she is the voice of experience that guides every action. She will be there at your death and she is the only one who can see your Soul safely across the river of dream and out of reach of the Sea of the Lost.

Eva - The Mother She is the most protective of all the Fatima's - concerned with her children and those of her sisters. She wishes to see see them healthy, to thrive and to multiply. More than any other tribe, her children are numerous.

Magdalen - The Lover She is desire and attraction and experience and sensuality. She is the lover who loves all the tribes folk and wants them to love themselves too. She is self discovery and the heart of the Tribes. Many underestimate her, few do so more than once.

The Pillars

Tera Sheba - The Wise She is the sternest of all the Fatimas and the one who leads more forthrightly over all her sisters. She is concerned for the safety of her children, for the keeping of the laws and the maintaining of order. She is tradition embodied and strength through obedience. She will not see the Tribes overrun by their enemies.

Joan - The Warrior She is quiet but she is strong. She is faithful to her sisters and to her children. She is the watch at the gate and in the dark. She is the Defender. She is servant to tradition and is guided by the wisdom of others, in particular her sister Tera Sheba.

The Dancers

Dahlia - The Trickster She is the joy of the dance. She is trickery and she is the revelation of what you are missing. She is forever looking outwards, looking beyond the Tribes, beyond the constraints of tradition and searching for a way to embrace the change that is life. Her older sisters think her foolish but they have yet to see the bigger picture as she has.

Agnes - The Child The youngest of the Fatima's. She was born after the liberation of the camps from the funeral pyres of her mother Mary. She is new life and playfulness. She is childhood innocence and she is the future. Her aunts see her as too young to be listened to but she will have her say.


Lilith - The Liberator - Her aunts are unsure of her, her provenance unproven to them and thoughts of Z'bri tricks readily at hand. She is not yet one summer old and yet has risen to lead the Fallen forward, taking any who would call themselves Her children. Born in the outlands, through the blood and sacrifice of the Fallen who were called to her through the River of Dream, and of the line of Joshua - his great Hammer forming her core around which twisted metal in the form of blades builds her body. She moves to make the Fallen a tribe of their own but not all see it as she does and she is still young, and inexperienced.

Those who are gone

Mary - The forgiver - Mary was forged in the camps along with her sisters. There she and her children aided in the liberation. They were healing of the soul and a way to move forward and leave the burdens of the past behind. Mary died shortly after the liberation of the camps and her funeral pyre and those of her children who sacrificed themselves, brought forth the birth of Agnes. There have been no Marions for generations since her death, at least none that revealed themselves for to do so is dangerous. The question remains, what could Mary the Forgiver not forgive?

Joshua - The Raveger - Brother to the others, he is fury and he is rage. He is the sword that cleaved the tribes enemies apart. He was the strongest of them all. He fell to the blows and savagery of Tibor, greatest amongst Z'bri and lord of them all. His sacrifice freed humanity. He has no children, and yet amongst the Fallen are whispers that they are the inheritors of his Legacy and children of Joshua. They repeat his words, his prophecy, blood and sacrifice.

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