Tera Sheba - The Wise

I am the Word of your Goddess made flesh.
I am Law born of tradition, of what has come before.
Through Me, you have rebuilt.
With Me, fairness you have found.
There is no compromise, only justice.
- From the Word of Tera Sheba the Wise.

Tera Sheba is the embodiement of order within the tribes. It is her children who ensure that traditions are kept and that laws are obeyed throughout the tribes. They ensure that the will of the Fatima's and the Goddess is upheld and maintain that they are the difference between civilisation of the tribes and the chaos of that outside the Fatima's love.

Tera Sheba is a giant figure with a lantern to illuminate the truth and great axe to punish the guilty. Her three vigilant faces look out, each bearing a different visage of justice. One cannot speak. One cannot see while the third cannot hear. Tera Sheba has control over the eminences of Truth and Wisdom.

The Tribe

The Tribe of Tera Sheba, more than any others, holds the divine right of law over the other tribes. To make a correct judgement is imperative and a wrong ruling must never be handed down. Our actions come directly from Her words and Her words are a direct incarnation of the Goddess and thus are inherently truth incarnate. To question a Sheban doing Tera Sheba's service is akin to questioning the Goddess herself.

We spend our lives learning the traditions and laws of the Fatima's and of the Goddess. We have trained to know the laws better than we know ourselves and our connection to them is rooted in the divine. What we do is more than just a product of a long education (although it is that too), it is an unquestionable connection to the fundamental truth of the world. The power we wield is granted to us as a gift by Tera Sheba and it can never be misused.

Others think our jurisdiction over the other tribes is too great but we sacrifice much to bring order to the tribes and see that they do not fall to the chaos the Z'bri offer. We are not monsters, we judge all according to the situation, and for those who should know better the punishment is more severe than for those who are too young or innocent to realise what they have done. We are a firm hand of guidance and while the rod is never appreciated at the time, it is often looked back on gratefully as being necessary.

Every Sheban plays a part in the administration of Justice. From High Judges to Advocates- all have a role to play to ensure that traditions are maintained and the tribes not overwhelmed by outside corruption. Judgement is not always easy however and there is always a cost to these things. The cost is paid by those who deserve it but that does not mean we enjoy inflicting it. The gifts Tera Sheba has given us allow us to extract the truth from those who would hide it from us.

The Unwritten Rules

The fear we rule by underwrites everything else and even we fear it as it can turn on us as easily as it can turn on another. The game of politics is a harsh one and everyone needs their supporters to get anywhere and the wrath of the law can be brought down on anyone's head with sufficient preparation.

Tera Sheba has Her plans for the future of our tribe, there are some she trusts with this knowledge but not many. She has always had tight control over her sister Joan and together they have kept the tribes controlled, but many are wondering how long that will last and seen the way Joan has reacted to the coming of Lilith and wonder what the future holds.

What does she think of her sisters?

Many fear us or mock us for our devotion but they do not understand that what we do is for the good of all. Evans and Magdalites lack the clarity of vision to see how necessary our work is - they are too preoccupied with with their emotions and let themselves be ruled by them. The Yagan's at least know the importance of tradition and law but are sometimes too willing to bend when they should hold fast. The Joanites know their place within the order of things and that is to be lauded - they are a blade designed for us to wield in defence against our enemies. Dahlian's are tricksters with no respect for tradition and no understanding of the dangers they place us all in when they trade with soulless outsiders. Agnites also lack respect but they are just children, and children can be forgiven - although it would be prudent for them to grow up quickly for the times ahead.

The Fallen are an affront to everything we stand for, mocking our traditions and our laws. They are heretics and deserve everything hey get.

The Keepers are just as bad, worshiping the machines of the world before and refusing to even try and redeem themselves in the eyes of the Goddess. The squats are merely soulless and not worth worrying about.

The Z'bri are the plauge upon this earth that must be removed. Their serfs deserving of destruction even more so than their masters for they have willingly given into the worship of darkness and foul blaspheme against the Goddess and embraced our former slavers.

Guilds and Cliques

  • Judge: The best-known face of their Tribe, Judges do the basic daily work of dispensing justice to those who have strayed from the law. They also serve to appoint High Judges (priestesses of Tera Sheba), who are the only ones allowed to pass judgement on another Sheban.
  • Advocate: The first step to becoming a Judge is to serve as an Advocate. They must study hard and pass many exams. Only Advocates are allowed to argue cases and serve as prosecution or defence as appropriate. Others act as investigators, serving the cause of truth.
  • Lorekeeper: Lorekeepers take a more scholarly approach to the law. They serve as custodians of Tera Sheba’s law, as well as history and other knowledge. They keep Advocates and Judges informed of the latest cases and write complex commentary on legal matters. They create and preserve books, and go on expeditions to record the laws and judgements of other Tribes.
  • Stiltwalker: A universal retirement option or sabbatical for Terashebans when the pressure gets too much, Stiltwalkers live on the Stone Shores and learn to fish, or maintain boats, or produce paper and ink and ceremonial robes.

Photos by Oliver Facey and Tom Garnett

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