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 |Information|None|Vague|Basic|Details|Secret| |Information|None|Vague|Basic|Details|Secret|
 |General|Tie|Marginal|Moderate|Complete|Fantastic| |General|Tie|Marginal|Moderate|Complete|Fantastic|
 +==== Group Synthesis ====
 +Group Synthesis is another way of performing Freeform Synthesis, as it is basically just another way of approaching the same thing. You don't need any additional skills to do this, it just requires one of you to be able to perform Freeform Synthesis.\\
 +One person must be the person leading the Group Synthesis, and must have all the Eminences being used in the working. This counts as their use of Freeform Synthesis for that day or night; they are the person who specifies the intended outcome and who draws the beads from the bag.\\
 +To participate, there is a “buy-in” cost for everyone aside from the leader- this is 1SH if you have at least one of the Eminences involved in the Synthesis, or 2SH if you don’t (you must have at least one Eminence in order to be able to participate at all, however - it just doesn’t need to be one of the ones in the Synthesis!).  Participants must be present and involved for the whole process. Once they have paid their “buy-in” cost, they may spend additional Spiritual Health to add red beads at a rate of 1 red bead per additional Spiritual Health spent.\\
 +Additionally, for each of the relevant Eminences a participant has, they add one red bead to the bag. Note that an Artefact can only give one person an Eminence at a time, so a single Empathy Artefact would allow only one person who didn't otherwise have the Empathy Eminence to participate in Group Synthesis.\\
 +If a participant has any Conjunctional Synthesis (i.e. at least Intuitive Synthesis) then they add an additional red bead per relevant Eminence. As before, Artefacts only give one person an Eminence at a time.\\
 +If a participant who knows Freeform Synthesis wishes to use up one use of it, they may do one of the following per relevant Eminence they have (their choice, not the lead performer’s choice):\\
 +  * add an additional red bead to the bag for each minute of performance
 +  * remove a single pair of white and black beads from the bag (there must be at least one black bead and one white bead in the bag though!)
 +  * add one white bead per Spiritual Health they spend
 +At the end of the performance, draw beads as normal.  Resolve a white bead as normal for Freeform Synthesis.\\
 +On a black bead, things work slightly differently.  The lead Synthesis user and all participants divide up the red beads equally - in the case of fractions, the lead Synthesis user takes any excess.  Each red bead costs the performer one Spiritual Health. Any surplus red beads after a given participant is at zero Spiritual Health are converted to automatic bead draws for Spiritual Critical Wounds. The Synthesis will still have an effect, but twisted from the one intended.\\
 ======Rituals====== ======Rituals======
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