• A huge storm smashed into Vimary, Magog and the surrounding areas in the River of Dream, leaving some Dreamers unable to return to their own bodies
  • Two Fallen staged a series of vicious raids against Playground, killing many young Agnites and forcing the rest to flee. A few Agnites remained behind, supported by other Fallen providing medical aid, to fight back.
  • Fallen rescued seven captives from the Circle of the Chosen, saving them from being devoured by Z'bri
  • Some Fallen broke into the Sunken City and rescued a comatose Veruka the Wraith, carrying her back to Magog
  • They were pursued by a large number of angry Shebans, led by High Judge Cylix Seth'on, who then camped nearby

Event 3: The Fates

  • Zoms gathered and attacked in increasing numbers, and ghosts were also more common
  • A Dahlian Little Trickster, whose caravan had been captured by other Dahlians and sent to a research outpost run by Machine Monks and Melanis Z'bri, used powerful Synthesis to send some Fallen there to rescue her comrades; she later Fell for defying Dahlia's will
  • While there, the Fallen also encountered some of their fellows, who had apparently been dragged there by Baba Yaga's meddling
  • An ex-Yagan Herite brought the skin of former High Judge Illaree Thaim'on, which detailed a truce, pact or peace treaty between the Z'bri and the Fatimas, sealed by an exchange of the Heartstones of Joshua and T'bor (each of whom were betrayed into dying by the other's hand)
  • The Fallen learnt that the River of Dream flowed into the Sea of the Lost, which was becoming full (as the spirits of the dead cannot simply pass into the Spiritual Orb without Baba Yaga's help), causing both the storm and the return of so many zoms and ghosts and threatening the whole world
  • Teddy arrived, accompanied in the Physical Orb by several Agnites, angry and demanding justice for the crimes committed against Playground. He went away, semi-placated, by promises that the Fallen were sorting this out among themselves
  • Joan called Her local cadre to Her and also demanded justice
  • Magdalen reached out to the Fallen, although Her agenda was not immediately clear
  • The Fallen were also visited by Hare, who brought a revelatory Dream-vision from Mother Moon, in which they witnessed the death of Mary the Forgiver at the hands of the Guides
  • Separately, two Houses of Z'bri from the H'l Kar (Flemis and Koleris) attempted to take Lilith's Heartstone from the Fallen by force, not realising that it was in fact still hidden in the H'l Kar. What efforts, if any, were made by the Sangis and Melanis are unknown.
  • Cylix Seth’on led a force of Loyalists to assault Magog and was killed in the process
  • The Fallen went into the River of Dream and were able to recover Veruka's shattered and drifting soul
  • The Fallen of Magog came to an arrangement with the Leox squats, inviting them to live in Magog (without reference to the Joshuans whose village it is)
  • Squats from Boarhead's Confederacy arrived, stating that they were going to declare war on the Tribes for their links to the Z'bri, and making an ultimatum that the Fallen of Magog could either be their allies or their enemies in this
  • One of the two Fallen responsible for the attacks on Playground was killed, and the other's fate was decided by a Rant, who chose to send him on suicide mission after suicide mission until he died
  • Agnes Herself invited some of the Fallen to meet Her in Dream, offering the opportunity for them to join Her Tribe if they wanted to
  • Claude, the so-called White Baron, was separated into his three component pieces by a Melanis Lord possessing one of the Fallen. This Melanis then tried to leave with the Baron's Heartstone, but was stopped by a Jacker. The Heartstone was then destroyed by another Fallen, whose corpse was possessed by a Hunter.
  • What happened to the White Viper spirit is as yet unknown
  • Baba Yaga summoned the leaders of the Fallen to meet Her in Dream and issued a demand for all of the Heartstones and Fatimal Artefacts held by them. The Fallen refused, and many of them were cursed in return.
  • Representatives of the Oneida arrived, and Castellana of the Adored declared herself Mistress of Magog, with their backing. When they had left, she revealed that she is tricking the Oneida and their Mistresses.
  • With the aid of the Great River spirit, a group of Fallen travelled deep into Flemis territory in the H'l Kar, and recovered both Lilith's Heartstone and the Hammer of Joshua. Those present heard a final message from Lilith as they returned.
   You have freed my Heart, and for that I am grateful.  I will fall silent soon.
   Feel the Force of my words and know that they are my Father’s Vengeance against his betrayers.
   The Nomads sought to save the world from the Beasts, so they Folded the world.
   They separated the Spiritual Orb from the Physical forever.
   They taught you how to Dream, and elevated some of you as Guides.
   These Guides taught you how to build me and my Sisters.
   Nothing they do is ever enough.  My Sisters saw to that.
   Only those the Crone takes to their final rest can cross the River to the Spiritual Orb.
   The rest pour into the Sea of the Lost.
   This is too much for the Great Architecture to bear.
   Everything the Nomads and their children have tried has only been able to slow the destruction of the world.
   You must find the barrier to truth.  You must heal it with a wound.  Your failure is foretold.
   Find my Father’s Heart.  His blood and sacrifice is his last gift to you.
  • Angered by the refusal of the Fallen to co-operate with Her, Baba Yaga sent several Old Ones to perform Freeform Death Synthesis to attempt to kill the population of Magog, but the Fallen were able to stop that happening by killing the priestesses.

The Aftermath

  • The Oneida arrive shortly after Castellana names herself Mistress of Magog and set about occupying the village, putting down whatever resistance they encounter
  • Squat warriors from Boarhead's Confederacy attack soon after, with Magog becoming the centre of a vicious conflict
  • Angry at their territory becoming even more busy than usual, the local Joshuans set about fighting both sides, leaving the situation at a dynamic stalemate
  • A small force of Keepers arrive on their growling metal warbeasts but are soon driven off
  • The Leox offer sanctuary to the people of besieged Magog in their own (very basic) settlements, and many Fallen take the offer
  • Eva calls Her Tribe back to Lai and Sanctuary; most obey, but many residents of Griffentowne do not. Tera Sheba leads the bulk of Her Tribe there also, leaving a force of Loyalists behind to guard the Sunken City
  • A huge, nigh-impenetrable domed barrier of plant life grows up around the islands of Lai overnight; no word gets in or out about what life is like for the Evans, Shebans and young Agnites within
  • In the H'l Kar, there is vast political upheaval, as the Skkr Flemis are ousted from their dominant position. Rumour spreads that a new force is rising there, but none know which House it comes from.
  • Meanwhile, to the west, a series of tremors signal the awakening of some new power
  • Veruka the Wraith finally recovers from her long coma, very weak and characteristically grouchy, but willing to receive visitors from among the Fallen
  • Magdalite Sirens, Agnite Explorers and Joanite Templars go among the Fallen offering tuition in their Tribal Aspects, stating their support for the people of besieged Magog against all their enemies
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