Event 1: The Pillars

  • News reached the Fallen encampment in Duskfall that the Crusade had failed and Lilith lay dead, having slain the Baron before she herself died
  • Many Fallen, especially the Children of Lilith (who had received a vision earlier that day), were sceptical, but more and more evidence grew
  • The vision showed Lilith killed by the Baron targeting a tiny chink in Her armour, that he must have been told about
  • Fallen Joanites of all Outlooks were visited by Trailrunner, asking for their help in rescuing the Winter Wolf
  • Squats, far from their home ranges but confused as to their whereabouts, attacked the camp, as did unusual numbers of gek'roh
  • When the Fallen went to rescue the Winter Wolf, Joan Herself appeared before them, confirming rumours of Lilith's death and mourning Her lost niece. She swore vengeance against Lilith's killers and invited the Fallen to help Her. She was also freed of some undue influence put upon Her by Her sister, Tera Sheba
  • Rituals performed in and around the camp resulted in Flemis Atmospheres filling the air and affecting many in the nearby area
  • The Atmospheres were cleansed by two Fallen, both claiming to be members of the Lost Tribe of Mary, one of whom was a Lightbringer within the Crucible cell
  • It transpired that the Baron's Heartstone was being brought to the Duskfall, where Melanis Z'bri would hand it over to Tera Sheban Judges
  • When interrogated, one of the Judges claimed that Tera Sheba had made him do this
  • A woman named Onree arrived in camp, and claimed to be a survivor of the Lost Tribe of Joshua, many of whose kin were on Lilith's Crusade, despite not all being convinced of Her claims to be their Fatima's daughter
  • Draya, a newly-Fallen Jacker who had been one of the Joanites guarding the Judges, revealed that she and her cadre had been left to be killed by gek'roh because they knew too much
  • Draya revealed that when she Fell, she had a vision of Tera Sheba and Dahlia holding a sacrificial dagger over Joan's heart
  • She led the Fallen to a ritual, conducted between Sheban Judges and a Melanis iv'chet, and they were able to recover the Baron's Heartstone, although its powerful Sanguis Atmosphere caused a myriad of other problems
  • Some of the Fallen eventually took the Baron's Heartstone into Dream, where they gave it to the White Viper for safekeeping
  • Visions and portents spoke of Lilith's Heartstone being taken further and further north, into the H'l Kar and out of the reach of Tribal and Fallen alike
  • The Tera Shebans assaulted the camp, supported by gek'roh seemingly working alongside them, but were eventually repelled

The Aftermath

  • Over the following weeks, the true scale of what happened on Crusade comes to light.
  • Around a half of the Crusaders - mostly Jackers, Herites and Children of Lilith - were killed or captured
  • In total, then, about one third of the Fallen were lost in Lilith's doomed Crusade - whether to treachery or hubris is a judgement for each and every Fallen to make in their own heart
  • Many Joanites withdraw from the Watch, but Sheban “Bailiffs” quickly move in to replace them, led by retired High Judge Hamrark Slade'on, the “Fisher King”
  • Shebans also very swiftly form an Inquisition, supported by the remaining Joanites of the Watch, and assault Hom and Haven while the Crusade survivors make their way back from Duskfall. Luckily, Doomsayers and Lightbringers receive warnings from newly-friendly Joanites (claiming guidance from the Warrior Herself) and are able to organise an evacuation.
  • Afterwards, much of Hom lies in ruins, and Lilith's Palace on Haven is occupied by Shebans, but large numbers of Fallen are able to escape across the Great River to Magog, an abandoned Joshuan village from where the relics used to make Lilith were allegedly stolen
  • To date, Eva and Baba Yaga have said nothing regarding the 'revelations' about Tera Sheba.
  • Tera Sheba Herself continues to enact iron justice and will not answer the allegations; any who ask too many questions are silenced one way or another.
  • Rumours say that Dahlia professes her innocence to various of her confidants, and claims that she was tricked by Tera Sheba.
  • Other rumours claim that Magdalen's Diplomats have been in consultation with Templars, Judges, Mordreds and Shamans to name but a few. Whatever She is thinking, She is clearly very concerned about something.
  • Agnes retreats into Playground and gathered Her Favourites close to Her.
  • There seems to be political unrest within the Z'bri of the H'l Kar following the Baron's death; largely this manifests as them not pushing their advantage and attacking Vimary. Yet.
  • The Jo'han of the Skyrealms in Bazaar appear to be more active, however.
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